Please be informed that all General Online Training (GOT) courses will be moved to the new EU ACADEMY during the month of July 2022.
We thank you for your patience while we set up a brand new and exciting experience for you!

On the EU Academy, you can already access the GOT section “Broadening your horizon – specialised topics for any moment”, consisting of 15 courses (the GOT cluster 5).
See the list of courses and their URL below.

To register for the EU Academy, please follow the following steps:
Visit the EU Academy at, click on the Sign up or Login link, and follow the EU login registration process.

Broaden your horizon - Introduction
Entrepreneurial skills
Fundraising for NGOs
Introduction to psychological first aid
Boost your Psychological First Aid skills
Introduction to humanitarian aid
Humanitarian aid: Beyond the basics
Project Management
Project management 2.0: Making an impact
Community development
The road to inclusion
Leadership skills
Critical thinking and media literacy

EU Academy